Green warriors

The First Look Science Books series by Tulika demystifies nature’s wonders

The spirit of enquiry, glorious as it is, can result in casualties. Especially when it involves children. It isn’t unusual that, foxed by a seemingly innocuous question directed at you by the young one – “Why does the sky turn orange in the evening?” or “Why is a desert a desert?” – you’ve had to furtively google answers on your smart phone. Tulika Books’s set of five fun science guides might just bail parents out of trouble. Priced at R95 each, they’re not as expensive as your monthly 3G plan either.

The beautifully illustrated series were developed as part of a classroom project at the Bengaluru-based Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology.

The stories are simple; at times even simplistic. But thankfully, they are not didactic or apocalyptic. They couldn’t have come at a more suitable time – India celebrates National Science Day this fortnight, on Thur Feb 28.

Beeji’s Story: Earth’s Surface 

Beeji is a globe-trotting seed who sets off on an adventure. She flies off to the Arctic to meet polar bears, then to snow-capped mountains, down a river on to a beach and through a desert, before settling down in a forest. Through Beeji, kids learn about surface areas of the earth.

Bhoomi’s Story: Space 

Bhoomi is earth, and this is the story of the universe, which she is part of. She tells readers about the sun, moon, stars and planets. Young scientists can learn about how the earth’s distance from the sun makes it habitable and also why the moon takes on different shapes and sometimes “hides herself completely” from the earth.

Boondi’s Story: Water 

By now you must have caught the drift. Boondi happens to be a water droplet. And he narrates the story of the water cycle and its importance for all living things. Kids will also learn about the creatures that live only in water and even complex concepts such as floods and droughts.

Dhooli’s Story: Air 

Dhooli is, of course, a mote of dust floating on air. The little adorable speck explains complex concepts of the atmosphere, cloud formation and how the sky changes colour in the morning and evening.

Gitti’s Story: Earth 

Gitti, a little rock who sits on top of a mountain, reminisces about her past, delving into the earth’s crust, and its different layers. Kids learn about volcanoes, the movement of the earth’s plates and mountains.

First Look Science Books, Tulika, R95 each. Ages 6+

 By Bijal Vachharajani on February 01 2013



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