Food for Tots

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Enid Blyton’s characters went out for lazy picnics by the moors where they ate thick slices of homemade bread, warm scones and hardboiled eggs; Roald Dahl wrote a book that had revolting recipes such as Boggi’s chicken and Wonka’s Whipplescrumptious; and closer home, the Taranauts series by Roopa Pai is full of quirky foods such as puffboos and goluchkas. Judging by the legions of fans amassed by Blyton, Dahl and Pai, it’s quite evident that kids like to read about kids who like (among other things) to eat. It’s a pity then, that the tykes don’t display nearly the same allconsuming hunger when it comes to their everyday meals.

Which brings us to this fortnight’s cover story: now that summer’s upon us, and the kids have been unyoked from exam schedules, experts such as Rushina Munshaw-Ghidiyal and Jamie Oliver among others think it is a good idea to introduce them to the fact that healthy food can also be fun and yummy. This holiday, they can discover simple joys like gardening or the diversions offered by food-themed games. You’ll find all this and more to munch on, including everything from assembling healthy lunch boxes to reading a label and shopping like a smart cookie.

Read the complete cover story here:

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