Snack charmers

My family was most excited to hear that Baroda-based farsan establishments now deliver in India and globally.

Time Out checks out a new online store that specialises in packaged nibbles from Gujarat


There’s something about the word farsan (snacks) that can send a Gujarati’s pulse racing and get his or her taste buds to go into overdrive. After all, our day is punctuated with these oily goodies, starting with deepfried ghatiyas made out of gram flour that are eaten with sliced onions, a raw papaya salsa and fried green chillies for breakfast. This is followed by snacks such as kachoris that are eaten with the main meals of the day.

Then as the day unfolds, there are other delights to choose from. Papad pava, for instance, is a mix of crushed papads tossed together with flattened rice flakes to make a crunchy tea-time snack. Then there’s khakhra, wholewheat chapattis roasted on a tawa to form a thin cracker-like farsan, which combines well with chutneys and dips. And no meal really ends without mukhwas, mouth fresheners that range from simple fennel seeds to more exotic dry paan mixtures and jeera (cumin) golis. Now Gujaratis and other farsan fans have reason to cheer as they can indulge their cravings by visiting for all their snack needs.

The e-store brings together snacks from seven prominent stores that operate out of Vadodara in Gujarat –Jagdish, Payal and Sukhadia, three farsan marts that are known for their snacks such as chivdas, khakhras and crisp puris; Ujjam Masala, which blends spices that locals swear by; Vanshidhar, which is known for its packaged instant mixes to make dishes such as handvo (a Gujarati spiced lentil cake) and theplas; Mr Puff for khari biscuits, and JK Mukhwas, which sells mouth fresheners. We recommend you try their fulwadi, fried gram flour spicy croquettes; lilo chevdo, a savoury mix of potato chips and gram dal; and of course the papad pava. The products are reasonably priced and available in different quantities.

When we tried to order from the website, our office server blocked the transaction. But the team that runs the website called us immediately and helped place our order through a quick bank transfer and dispatched our goodies right away. While the Vadodara-based service delivers free of cost anywhere in India, its main clientele is clearly non-resident Indians. Its global operations reach farsan goodies to Australia, Canada, the UAE, the UK and the USA. Visit

By Bijal Vachharajani 

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